• Exclusive facility
  • Different rates for different groups
  • Discount facilities up to 35% for the groups of 5-10,11-20,21 –more people

Exclusive Packages

  • An effective workout based on the need of each individual client
  • Correct demonstration and education in exercise techniques
  • A safe ,healthy and enjoyable client exercise environment
  • Client encouragement to pursue a happy and balanced lifestyle
  • Client communication that is genuine ,honest and professional
  • Alternate day PT
  • In exceptional cases also facility for daily PT
  • The best and newest state of the art cardio vascular equipments
  • With more than 20 international branded treadmills
  • Gorgeous ambience with traditional and western style music theme
  • Trail days facility
  • Exclusive packages for 3-6-12 months
  • For the privilege –facility for your family members with exclusive rates and discount facility
Diet Consultant
  • Certified dietician
  • Provide s world class care with a service focus on unparalleled standard of fat management
  • with service excellence in nutrition
  • Nominal charges of 500 Rs per session
  • Availability of packages with discount facility
  • Dealing with complex paramedical and health care needs as well as rehabilitation
  • Certified physiotherapist
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation program
  • Extensive ,creative, interactive and enthusiastic exercise programs for various ages.
  • Exclusive program for age of 50 or above


Cardio is one of the most important thing you can do for your body ,whether you want to lose weight ,build muscle or improve your health.The great thing is ,there are plenty of choices for cardio exercise.Anything that gets your heart rate into your target heart rate zone will work.there are some exercise that work best if your goal is to blast calories and get in great shape.running,crosscountry skiing,bicycling,elliptical trainer,swimming,step aerobics,rowing,kickboxing,walking,jumping rope etc.

Strength exercise are fitness exercise that require the use of the type of fitness equipments usually (but not always)found in professional gym.there are many advantages to using strength exercise.muscle isolation ,lowered risk of injury,speed etc

Yoga is the term for a range of traditional system of physical exercise and meditation in Hinduism.both the meditative and the exercise components of yoga show promise for non specific health benefits.yoga has been studied as an intervention for many.

Exclusive Fitness
The best and newest state of art cardio vascular equipments whether it's treadmill,elliptical,exercise bike or rower,you will burn calories and lose fat fast with machines.

More than 21 international treadmills just to facilitate client to create NO WAITING …in all the busy schedules. Gorgeous ambience with traditional and western style music theme.

BCA management system
Body composition is the make up of the body terms of the relative percentage of fat free mass and body fat.your weight on a scale consists of two dimensions.-body fat or adipose tissue-fat free weight or muscles,bones,blood,organ etc.percent body fat represents the percentage of total body weight that is carried as fat.

Nutrition and fat management
The goal of nutritional management in older people is to maintain or restore a normal nutritional status and normal growth.the increased energy requirements are best achieved orally and the main role of dietician is to encourage a varied,high energy intake,with supplements as necessary.
  • Well designed recreational ambience
  • Huge sitting arrangement
  • Fitness library
  • Wi-Fi zone
  • Shower /rest rooms/lockers
  • Coming Soon...

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Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad.

T: +91 4003 1639 | 4008 1640, 1641 | 85 11 51 44 44
E: admin@fitnesspoint.in

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